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The most populated country in Africa, Nigeria has become an untapped tourist paradise with long stretches of exotic beaches, lush hills and mountains, well-preserved tradition and culture and enchanting tourist attractions.

From the spiritual shines to the ancient cities of the north, from the river deltas to the Yoruba kingdoms, the Ibo’s stunning environments and among many simply pure sceneries; Nigeria leaves every visitor breathing hard with suspense and excitement. We present to you Chappal Waddi (highest point in Nigeria) Elevation / Prominence: 2419 meters / 7936 ft. Tsaunin Kwaiki. Elevation / Prominence: 2359 meters / 7740 ft. Kumari. Mount Dimilang (tallest of the Shebshi Mountain range) Sankwala Mountains. Shere Hills. Masaijeh Hill. Zeim etc...

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Best Seasons:May, June, July
Popular Location:Idanre, Kufena, Miliken, Oke Marie, Okigwe, Shere, Somorika

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