Beach Holidays of 2018

The Nigeria coast has always been a favorite destination for many families due to the numerous all-inclusive and family friendly beach resorts. The beautiful serenity of the Nigerian coast has turned it into one of the world's foremost tourist destinations. The wide range of luxury beach hotels in Nigeria at affordable prices

The best places to stay in Nigeria reflect this diversity - you'll find everything from city pads, to luxury safari lodges, to beach resorts. Nigeria offers some wonderful beach serenity

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Best Seasons:May, June, July
Popular Location:Eleko Beach, Bar Beach, Takwa Bay

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Best Beach Holidays in Summer of 18
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Heritage Tour

3 Days

Badagry is a coastal town which lies between the city of Lagos and the border of the Republic of  Benin, Seme. It is a historic town that is symbolic of Nigeria’s journey to independence. The town was a major slave…

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