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Badagry is a coastal town which lies between the city of Lagos and the border of the Republic of  Benin, Seme. It is a historic town that is symbolic of Nigeria’s journey to independence. The town was a major slave port and market on the West African coast, exporting no fewer than 600,000 African slaves to America.

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    All about the Heritage Tour.

    Badagry is a center for tourist attraction where people from far and wide come to explore its momentous sites, interesting landscapes, cultural artifacts and relics from the slave trade era.

    Badagry was founded around 1425 A.D. Before its existence, people have been living along the Coast of Gberefu, which later gave birth to Badagry. Fishing, Farming, salt making from ocean water; were the main occupation of the people.

    The natives believe that Badagry was founded by a famous farmer called ‘Agbedeh’ who lived at Gberefu Sea Beach and maintained a farmland across the lagoon in the present Badagry. ‘Greme’ means farm in Ogu language and the people who visited Agbede’s farm, when asked, would say they went to ‘Agbedegreme’ meaning agbede’s farm. The word was later coined to Agbadarigi by the Yoruba settlers and was later corrupted to Badagry by the European slave merchants before the end of the seventeenth century.

    The people of Badagry are heterogeneous. They are mainly Ogu of Whydah, Whra, Wheme and Ga/Ewe clans who migrated from the former Dahomey and Awori-Yoruba who are descendants of Oduduwa of Western Nigeria. The traditions of these natives are assimilative and congenial which enhanced the settlement of European slave traders and missionaries alike.

    Slave trade started in the ancient town around1473 by a Portuguese slave merchant named Ferman Gomez who commenced the sales of slaves to Europe.

    Traditionally, Badagry is divided into eight quarters and each is organized under a White-Capped Chief. However, Akran is the paramount ruler and King of the town.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    Tour Services includes:

    • Transportation (Airport pick-up/return and tour)
    • Accommodation – Fams Embassy Suites.
    • Feeding – Two Course Meals and Buffets
    • Border Protocols
    • Tourist sites fees.
    • Tour guide fee
    • Souvenirs
    • Administrative charges
    • Tour and trekking guide for the entire journey

    Special Features:

    • Shopping
    • Gym
    • Swimming pool.
    • Clubbing
    • Parties
    • Welcome Party.
    • The Exclusive White Night (Departure Eve Party)
    • Photographing
    • Complementary SIM card
    • Museums
    • Shopping
    • Cultural performance
    • Beach Picnic / Burn fire
    • Fun
    • Games
    • French/Arabic speaking tour guides available
    • *Conditions apply.
    Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Travel insurance and other emergencies
    • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
    • Single room accommodations
    • Liquors, beer, and bottled beverages
    • Photography accessories like cameras etc.
    1. Day1 Arrival at Location
      • Checking in at hotel
      • Picnic at Whispering Palms Resort, Iworo.
      • Pool party or Clubbing (optional)
    2. Day2 Scenic Tour of City
      • Visit to the remaining tourist attractions in Badagry.
      • Visit to the boundary – Nigeria/Benin borderline.
      • Burn fire at Ar-Rakhab or Suntan Beach Resort.
    3. Day3 Departure
      • Last minute shopping at Agbalata market.
      • Checking out of the hotel
      • Depart Badagry for Lagos.
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    • Swimming, gym
    • VIP Bar
    • Internet facility (150MB Daily)
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    We are located in the ancient town of Badagry, Lagos State, which prides itself as the first town to have an upstairs building in Nigeria.

    Badagry has the enviable attraction as the number one tourist destination in Nigeria, with abundant historical relics of the slave trade era and various colonial and missionary attraction complementing the serenity and natural beauty of the town.

    Our unique location is a short drive to Seme Border, our international gateway to the Western African Countries of Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast, making the hotel a perfect choice for travelers coming into the country and also those leaving the country.

    We also pride itself with the practice of providing the perfect gateway destination for tourism and fun seekers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a serene environment of luxury and comfort.

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    • MOBEE FAMILY SLAVE RELICS MUSEUM. Housing the Original Slave Chains used during the 16th century.
    • FIRST STOREY BUILDING IN NIGERIA. Anglican Missionary House built in 1845.
    • BADAGRY HERITAGE MUSEUM. Former District Officer’s Office built in 1863. Converted into a museum in 2002 and contains slave trade history collections.
    • SERIKI ABASS SLAVE BARACOON. Built by Brazilian slave merchants in 1840.
    • THE AGIA TREE MONUMENT. Where Christianity is first preached in Nigeria on September 24, 1842.
    • VLEKETE SLAVE MARKET. A foremost and most popular slave market along West Africa and a Customary Court Established in 1502.
    • GBEREFU PENINSULA -‘Point Of No Return’. A major Slave Route and Slave Port opened in 1473.
    • WAWU PALACE CANNON GUNS. Presented by the Queen of England to support “Slave Abolition Campaign” in 1852 & the site where the Union Jack was first hoisted in Nigeria.
    • THE SATO DRUM STATUE. Badagry Roundabout. The Second World Tallest Drum brought to Badagry in 1543.
    • ST. THOMAS’ ANGLICAN PRIMARY SCHOOL. First Primary School in Nigeria. Founded In 1843.
    • THE AKRAN PALACE. Palace of the Paramount ruler of Badagry Kingdom.
    • DISTRICT OFFICER’S RESIDENCE. Constructed in 1870.
    • Q-BRAT ZOO.


    • AGBALATA MARKET. First international market in Nigeria.
    • GEORGE FREEMINGO’S TOMB. A Portuguese slave merchant assassinated in 1620.
    • MANCHY 4 BOAT CRUISE. Boat ride on a Fifty (50) Sitter capacity suitable for meetings, receptions, and leisure with toilet, bar/restaurant, television, sound systems and fishing sports facilities.
    • ILAJE FISHING COMMUNITY. A community based solely on habitual fishing.
    • PERMACULTURE FOREST GARDEN. Nature trail on Gberefu peninsula.
    • NIGERIA FRENCH LANGUAGE VILLAGE. An inter-university French centre.
    • SEME BORDER. Most populated Nigeria-Benin Border.
    • AQUATIC JUNGLE. Unique restaurants with entertainments in stationed airplanes.

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