The Company

Voyage Afrique Cruise and Tours Limited is a well-structured company committed to excellence. For over a decade, our networks have provided innovative solutions and services across some of the most challenging and exciting terrains across the world. Our comprehensive health and safety practices ensure clients and staff enjoy peace of mind; and we resource some of the best facilities, equipment and seasoned professionals available in the hospitality industry globally.

Voyage Afrique is focused on delivering quality tourism and hospitality services across the world, and we are poised to deliver unique satisfying leadership across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our network of partners and tour guides enjoy a nurturing corporate climate that ensures the retention of well trained, motivated and reliable workforce, and supported by information resource that ensures absolute safety.

We are passionate about training, innovations, and safety; and our operations are conducted with minimal impact on the environment. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, we will always be your right call.